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Posted/updated Last 3 Days

View19 Nov 2019Why a Singaporean First policy is beneficialOut of the boxSuggestionTKL229170
View19 Nov 2019Difficult to upload documentOCBC BankNegativeTKL7710
View19 Nov 2019Unable to retrieve my past filingsIRASNegativeTKL6320
View19 Nov 2019Verification, checks had to be conducted before CPMinistry of LawReplyMM5910
View19 Nov 2019A badly designed and confusing websiteACRANegativeTKL5310
View19 Nov 2019Stray dogs at Pasir Ris Park a worryNational Parks BoaFeedbackMM910
View19 Nov 2019More transparency needed in funeral businessNational EnvironmeFeedbackMM610
View18 Nov 2019Stop treating green spaces as land banksURASuggestionMM400
View18 Nov 2019NEA needs to give useful info on hazeNational EnvironmeSuggestionMM300
View19 Nov 2019Ready-made solution to foreign worker quota cutsMinistry of ManpowSuggestionMM300
View18 Nov 2019Medisave cap, automatic funds transfer designed toMinistry of ManpowReplyMM100
View20 Nov 2019Stepping up fight against plastic useNTUCReplyMM100
View20 Nov 2019Decision to restore footpath safety painful but neLand Transport AutReplyMM100
View20 Nov 2019Posters' price-tag approach not appropriatePoliceSuggestionMM100

Posted Last 30 Days

View29 Oct 2019Anger at Ramesh's bullying of the security guardMovement for changSuggestionTKL14731006
View24 Oct 2019Starhub will lose a loyal customerStarhubSuggestionTKL1380698
View28 Oct 2019My participation in the general electionMovement for changSuggestionTKL1162641
View25 Oct 2019CEO of Starhub gave a prompt replyStarhubSuggestionTKL955172
View04 Nov 2019Say NO to CECA and 6.9 million populationMovement for changSuggestionTKL731321
View14 Nov 2019Is there a need to ban PMDs on pavements?Land Transport AutSuggestionTKL6613819
View07 Nov 2019Should the WP MPs respect the motion passed by ParParliamentSuggestionTKL42349
View27 Oct 2019Hospital claim covered by Incomeshield and group iNTUC IncomeFeedbackTKL37240
View27 Oct 2019What is wrong with the statement of moving closer Out of the boxSuggestionTKL302110
View06 Nov 2019Give an option for income tax return to be submittIRASNegativeTKL29464
View30 Oct 2019Security in a condoOut of the boxSuggestionTKL27840
View04 Nov 2019How to travel the last mileMovement for changSuggestionTKL275122
View02 Nov 2019Doctor too busy to give proper adviceSATANegativeTKL27481
View30 Oct 2019AIA continues to charge high rates for unsuspectinAIANegativeTKL26720
View09 Nov 2019Japanese have a different way to manage their hoteOut of the boxSuggestionTKL25030
View09 Nov 2019Japanese brand hotels operating overseas employ JaOut of the boxSuggestionTKL24770
View29 Oct 2019Learning from other countriesOut of the boxSuggestionTKL24080
View02 Nov 2019Isn't it illegal to spread condo resident's detailInfocomm Media DevFeedbackMM23314
View28 Oct 2019Grab changes its subscription plansGrabSuggestionTKL23280
View19 Nov 2019Why a Singaporean First policy is beneficialOut of the boxSuggestionTKL229170
View04 Nov 2019Add a 6 digit PIN to a credit cardMonetary AuthoritySuggestionTKL218100
View15 Nov 2019We need to think of the social goodMovement for changSuggestionTKL214100
View25 Oct 2019A pleasant surprise with Starhub data packageStarhubSuggestionTKL20920
View27 Oct 2019Get locals to fill public sector jobsMovement for changSuggestionTKL17650
View10 Nov 2019Adopting a supportive mindsetMovement for changSuggestionTKL17210
View31 Oct 2019Move to Electronic MailPrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL16740
View09 Nov 2019Prompt response but bad communicationStarhubSuggestionTKL16630
View27 Oct 2019How the Opal card used in Australia is different fLand Transport AutSuggestionTKL16540
View12 Nov 2019A platform for official messagesOut of the boxSuggestionTKL15630
View23 Oct 2019Stay focused on the subjectMovement for changSuggestionTKL15510