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View19 May 2019Why the politically aware must vote non Movement for changeSuggestionTKL167181
View19 May 2019Worrisome features about POFMAMinistry of LawFeedbackTKL114130
View20 May 2019Build a sense of unityMOTOR INSURANCESuggestionTKL8481
View18 May 2019How can POFMA be improved?Ministry of LawSuggestionTKL6620
View19 May 2019Reduce youth unemploymentMinistry of ManpowerSuggestionTKL5430
View19 May 2019GEPrime Minister OfficeSuggestion 5250
View20 May 2019Why the current govt will fallMovement for changeFeedbackTKL4620
View18 May 2019Send strong message to errant maid agencMinistry of ManpowerSuggestionMM2720
View18 May 2019Have open forum to help those strugglingMinistry of EducationSuggestionMM500

Posted Last 30 Days

View23 Apr 2019Who are the victims of the NUS peeping tMovement for changeFeedbackTKL192886105
View23 Apr 2019Peeping tom incidentNational University of SFeedbackTKL5552421
View12 May 2019Why CPF failed in its missionCentral Provident FundFeedbackTKL469412
View29 Apr 2019Creating jobs for localsMinistry of FinanceSuggestionTKL397277
View25 Apr 2019Trust the police and court to act correcMovement for changeSuggestionTKL326199
View10 May 2019Retrenchment in a German companyMinistry of ManpowerSuggestionTKL325179
View03 May 2019Electricity marketEnergy Market Authority SuggestionTKL315120
View01 May 2019Abandoned houses in JapanHousing Development BoarSuggestionTKL293131
View30 Apr 2019Economic future of Singapore is bleakMinistry of Trade & InduFeedbackTKL291240
View08 May 2019Investing in propertyInvestmentFeedbackTKL287201
View24 Apr 2019Be respectful in expressing your viewsMovement for changeSuggestionTKL283133
View27 Apr 2019I want to keep my Facebook page respectaMovement for changeFeedbackTKL278242
View14 May 2019Affordable housingHousing Development BoarSuggestionTKL236132
View02 May 2019Thinking long termMovement for changeFeedbackTKL234180
View30 Apr 2019Impact of high property pricesPrime Minister OfficeFeedbackTKL231150
View21 Apr 2019Who funds the building of the Jewel at CMinistry of FinanceFeedbackTKL225180
View20 Apr 2019Financial control over large expenditureMovement for changeSuggestionTKL193128
View29 Apr 2019Singapore is losing out on medical touriMinistry of HealthFeedbackTKL189142
View15 May 2019Tackle high inflation in medical industrMinistry of HealthFeedbackMM18960
View11 May 2019SDP health care planMinistry of HealthSuggestionTKL185190
View08 May 2019Investor applied for Long Term visit PasMinistry of Home AffairsSuggestionTKL18193
View19 May 2019Why the politically aware must vote non Movement for changeSuggestionTKL167181
View22 Apr 2019Justice needs to consider both the victiNUS Student UnionFeedbackTKL161411
View25 Apr 2019Respect the decision of people who has tMovement for changeFeedbackTKL16116
View16 May 2019SMC's appeal for leniency a positive steMinistry of HealthFeedbackMM15670
View12 May 2019Socialism and communismDemocracySuggestionTKL14471
View10 May 2019Life under a communist systemDemocracyFeedbackTKL13553
View20 Apr 2019Be open mindedMovement for changeSuggestionTKL12520
View23 Apr 2019Be a real supporter of changeMovement for changeSuggestionTKL121140
View25 Apr 2019Apply the law with discretionMovement for changeSuggestionTKL11960