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Posted/updated Last 3 Days

View27 Aug 2019Reduce cost of livingMovement for changeSuggestionTKL490242
View16 Sep 2019Make it more attractive for employers toMovement for changeSuggestionTKL300121
View16 Sep 2019Protect landlords and tenants from unscrHousing Development BoarSuggestionMM700
View16 Sep 2019Update public on probe into giving of reNational Environment AgeFeedbackMM500
View16 Sep 2019Cap personal mobility aids at walking spLand Transport AuthoritySuggestionMM300
View17 Sep 2019Most employers pay up salary claims in fMinistry of ManpowerReplyMM100
View17 Sep 2019Personal data released to counter misinfCentral Provident FundReplyMM100
View17 Sep 2019Maids should have KPIs tooMinistry of ManpowerSuggestionMM100
View17 Sep 2019Training providers should apply to be paMinistry of EducationSuggestionMM100

Posted Last 30 Days

View02 Sep 2019Hypothetical case of a suit for defamatiOut of the boxSuggestionTKL1517792
View26 Aug 2019Why the future for the young is bleak unMovement for changeSuggestionTKL629422
View27 Aug 2019Reduce cost of livingMovement for changeSuggestionTKL490242
View16 Sep 2019Make it more attractive for employers toMovement for changeSuggestionTKL300121
View01 Sep 2019Lower frequency for trains during off peLand Transport AuthoritySuggestionTKL284122
View19 Aug 2019Spend $100 billion to deal with climate Out of the boxSuggestionTKL250136
View23 Aug 2019Electric cars are about lifestyleMinistry of EnvironmentSuggestionTKL24841
View28 Aug 2019Make CPF contribution voluntary for oldeMovement for changeSuggestionTKL22092
View03 Sep 2019Marketing gimmicks that lead to wastefulOut of the boxSuggestionTKL212100
View04 Sep 2019In memory of the departed relatives and Out of the boxFeedbackTKL20740
View29 Aug 2019Take immediate action to rectify the dysMovement for changeSuggestionTKL202120
View27 Aug 2019Will higher income tax chase the high eaMovement for changeSuggestionTKL194100
View31 Aug 2019How to get a stable and responsive goverPolitical systemsSuggestionTKL19344
View13 Sep 2019Referendum for independence of Hong KongOut of the boxSuggestionTKL19275
View10 Sep 2019Remove the root causes of the dysfunctioMovement for changeSuggestionTKL189120
View01 Sep 2019Hold handrail when using stairsOut of the boxSuggestionTKL180100
View26 Aug 2019Suspend GST to stimulate the economyMovement for changeSuggestionTKL17936
View25 Aug 2019Higher bursary for higher educationMovement for changeSuggestionTKL17460
View31 Aug 2019Govt agencies should stop collecting casMovement for changeSuggestionTKL17326
View06 Sep 2019Provide direct exits for MRT stationsMovement for changeSuggestionTKL17180
View25 Aug 2019Be positive and constructiveOut of the boxSuggestionTKL17150
View04 Sep 2019Pay suppliers promptly to save costMovement for changeSuggestionTKL169130
View11 Sep 2019High quality of products from ChinaOut of the boxSuggestionTKL15450
View20 Aug 2019Firms look to govt to help meet higher CPrime Minister OfficeSuggestionTKL15380
View04 Sep 2019Caning for first time drug abusersOut of the boxSuggestionTKL15130
View20 Aug 2019Troublesome to make a payment at the polMinistry of HealthSuggestionTKL14561
View26 Aug 2019Penalty for drug abuseOut of the boxSuggestionTKL14412
View07 Sep 2019Elect kampong chiefs into Parliament?Political systemsSuggestionTKL14320
View01 Sep 2019The govt should not micro manage but shoMovement for changeSuggestionTKL143100
View19 Aug 2019How does a streamlined bus system look lMovement for changeSuggestionTKL14263