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2023-08-30STTan Kin Lian says support from opposition leaders does not politicise presidential electio
2023-08-30Mothership'My message came through': Tan Kin Lian believes he did well during live presidential foru
2023-08-30GutzyBeyond Personalities: A deep dive into the PE2023 election and the influence of the Establ
2023-08-30MothershipChee Soon Juan 'not enthusiastic' about all 3 presidential candidates but endorses Tan Kin
2023-08-30GutzyA member of Gen Z shares about 24 lost years and who he will vote for as Elected President
2023-08-29CNAPSP assures members it is personal choice for Tan Cheng Bock to back Tan Kin Lian for Pres
2023-08-29STTan Kin Lian shifts campaign strategy from walkabouts to focus on reaching residents with
2023-08-29MothershipTan Kin Lian: Clementi man who shouted vulgarities at Ng Kok Song not among his regular su
2023-08-29MothershipM Ravi files Supreme Court application to disqualify Tharman from PE2023
2023-08-28STNg Kok Song questions Tan Kin Lian’s independence after Tan Cheng Bock endorsement
2023-08-28AONg Kok Song and fiancee Sybil Lau's answers to question on their wedding venue might surpr
2023-08-28CNAAppointing opposition leaders to presidential council could be seen as a 'moral perversion
2023-08-28CNAWith 3 days of campaigning left, Tan Kin Lian cancels walkabouts; asks volunteers to distr
2023-08-28CNAWatch: Singapore presidential candidates make pitch for votes in televised forum
2023-08-28MothershipTharman issues call to ‘avoid politicising’ PE2023 following Tan Cheng Bock’s endorsement
2023-08-28CNALooking at candidates' political ties 'simplistic', rules out even senior civil servants,
2023-08-27SCMPSingapore presidential election: opposition politician Tan Cheng Bock endorses Tan Kin Lia
2023-08-27MothershipTan Cheng Bock appears at People's Park event with Tan Kin Lian
2023-08-27MothershipOpposition politicians' endorsement of Tan Kin Lian confuses PE & GE: Ng Kok Song
2023-08-27CNATharman urges candidates to avoid politicising Presidential Election after opposition memb
2023-08-27CNAFormer Singapore Presidential Election candidate Tan Cheng Bock declares support for Tan K
2023-08-27STOpposition politicians backing Tan Kin Lian ‘dishonour the presidency’: Ng Kok Song
2023-08-27MothershipTan Cheng Bock endorses Tan Kin Lian for S'pore presidential election 2023
2023-08-26CNASingapore is very fortunate, should welcome those of other nationalities who want to live
2023-08-26Gutzy“A vote for Kin Lian signifies a bold call for change,” affirms former NTUC Enterprise chi
2023-08-26HTSingapore ready for non-Chinese PM, says Indian-origin presidential candidate Tharman
2023-08-26SCMPSingapore presidential election: will ‘anti-PAP’ protest voters spoil front runner Tharman
2023-08-26FacebookWill Tan Kin Lian change his approach to social media if he is elected as President of Sin
2023-08-26CNACommentary: After first Singapore presidential broadcast speeches, what key themes do cand
2023-08-25GutzyTan Kin Lian’s son counters online smear campaign: Identifies girl in viral photo as TKL’s
2023-08-25MothershipGirl with Tan Kin Lian in viral photo is granddaughter: Tan Kin Lian's son criticises 'nas
2023-08-25CNAVoters would 'prefer a chance to have' Singapore-born President and spouse, claims Tan Kin
2023-08-25Mothership'Not just a charity': Tharman on helping the disadvantaged in S'pore
2023-08-25GutzyTan Kin Lian pursued the Presidential bid as an independent choice after it became clear G
2023-08-24YoutubePresidential candidate broadcast: Tan Kin Lian says vital to have "different types of peop
2023-08-24STNg Kok Song not accepting donations, funds presidential campaign from personal savings
2023-08-24MSNTan Kin Lian Clarifies He Doesn’t Intend To Be Adversary To Govt, Hopes They Can Work Toge
2023-08-24AOToo little time? Tan Kin Lian's daughter frustrated with 'extremely unfair system of campa
2023-08-24CNANg Kok Song warns against President-PM relationship that is 'too close'; difficult to carr
2023-08-24CNATan Kin Lian takes issue with edits to broadcast speech; IMDA, ELD cite ‘inaccuracies’ on
2023-08-24STGrant me strong mandate to provide independent perspective: Presidential candidate Tan Kin
2023-08-24YoutubePresidential Candidates Broadcast
2023-08-24AO'I will deal with IMDA separately': Tan Kin Lian unhappy on being asked to remove parts of
2023-08-24TSDrinks stall worker surprised by pineapple from presidential hopeful Tharman
2023-08-24CNAVital to have different type of people in Public Service not just scholars
2023-08-24MSNTan Kin Lian Clarifies He Doesn’t Intend To Be Adversary To Govt, Hopes They Can Work Toge
2023-08-23CNATan Kin Lian plans to convey people's aspirations 'similar to a monarch' if elected as Pre
2023-08-23MothershipTan Kin Lian wants to play 'monarch' role to convey people's feelings to govt if elected
2023-08-23YoutubeTan Kin Lian wants to set the investment policy of Singapore's reserves
2023-08-23CNATan Kin Lian plans to convey people's aspirations 'similar to a monarch' if elected as Pre

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