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13 Sep 2019
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Haze didn't cross from Sumatra to Peninsular Malaysia

We refer to the reports (KL to urge Jakarta to take swift action on haze amid spike in hot spots, Sept 7; Haze in Malaysia likely to stay till end of month, Sept 9) that could lead to Indonesia being blamed for transboundary haze. Between Sept 4 and 7, the Agency for Meteorology and Geophysics deputy head Mulyono R. Prabowo said that satellite images from the Citra Satellite Terra Aqua Modis, SNPP, Noaa0 and the Himawari-8 clearly show there was no transboundary haze pollution fro......

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01 May 2019
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270 election workers die from exhaustion

I read a report that 270 election workers die from exhaustion in the 2019 general election in Indonesia. click here. That sounds quite tragic. But I found some interested statistics: a) 17 million people were involved as election workers - officials, police and registed witnesses. a href="https:......

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26 Apr 2019
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2019 general election in Indonesia

Here are some interesting facts about the Indonesian general election. No of voters: 190 million No of polling stations: 810,000 Average voter per station: 243 No of people involved as election officer, security and registered witness: 17 million. Average per polling station: 20 Ratio of voters to "involved persons": 10 No of seats contested (at various level): 20,000 ......

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