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12 Jan 2019
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Excellent customer service by OPPO

I congratulate OPPO for operating an excellent customer service. 

I had difficulty with downloading an app (from an unknown source) into my OPPO mobile phone.

I searched for their website and for a page to send my feedback, and obtained it immediately. What's more, they provide an option to send a feedback by email. 

Their feedback form was well designed. They just ask for the name, email, subject and a detail box.  I submitted my feedback.

I received an email reply within an hour. They provide relevant information for me to follow. But the problem still persist. So, I sent my reply to that email address.

The problem required a few exchange of emails, all within the same day. My requests were attended to promptly. 

I was finally able to solve the problem, with the help of their customer service officer. They were prompt in giving replies to each email that I send.

This is a complicated issue, and was resolved within one day.

I compare this experience with the experience from most companies in Singapore. Most of them do not provide an option to send an email, or if they do, they ask for so many irrelevant fields to be entered. They make it painful for the customer to submit an email.

They often do not reply to e-mails promptly. Most of them ask for 4 to 7 days to reply to an email, quoting high volume.  (This is probably due to their troublesome process). 

If the customer call their call center, it will take perhaps 30 minutes for the call to be answered. Often, the customer has to make several calls just to get through.

Back to OPPO. They set the benchmark for other companies to emulate. I hope that this feedback can encourage other companies to revamp their customer service process.

Once again, congratulations OPPO.

Tan Kin Lian


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