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08 Jan 2019
Ohms Energy
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Excellent service from Ohm Energy

I congratulate Ohm Energy for providing excellent service. My feedback to Ohm was answered promptly and politely by their customer service staff. Congratulations.

I asked the staff to send my feedback to their CEO and they did. The CEO Jomar Eldoy, who is the founder of Ohm Energy, replied personally, within two days, to address my feedback. It is rare to see this kind of response among big companies in Singapore.

.Mr Eldoy told me - Ohm Energy Pte Ltd is owned 100% by Buri Energy Pte Ltd. Buri Energy is owned by Norwegian investors (25%) and by M-co (the Marketplace Company) Pte Ltd (75%). I am the ultimate owner of M-co. I have been involved in liberalizing energy markets since 1993 in Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and in Singapore (since 2003).

He explained to me why they have to use a complicated temporary password, and it is primarily required by the authority. I disagree with this approach, but I accept this explanation. 

He also promised to look into my suggestions on how to improve the customer experience. I believe that he is sincere about it, and is not just giving "lip service". Anyway, it will be for the good of Ohm Energy in improving the customer experience. 

I chose Ohm Energy to be my supplier because they offer a good discount of 25%. It may not be the highest, but it is acceptable to me. More importantly, they will be using SP Services for the billing, so I do not need to worry about making two separate payments for utilities each month. It makes more sense. 

I have looked at the offers from two other suppliers but I decided against them because they have their "direct billing" which is separate from the SP billing. 

Ohm Energy provide a referral scheme. By quoting the referral code, the new customer gets an incentive of $20 and the referrer also gets the incentive of $20. If there are several referrals, the referrer gets an incentive for each case. So, if you want to quite my referral code, it is OHMREFC147E4.

Here is the link to their website.

I am happy with my customer experience with Ohm Energy. I wish them all the best in their business in Singapore.

Tan Kin Lian


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