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29 Jan 2022  (642 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Vaccination provides protection against severe illness

The vaccine skeptics point out the large number of vaccinated people who gets severely ill. They use this data to argue that vaccination is not helpful.

They interpret the data wrongly.

The experts have accepted the fact that the vaccination does not totally prevent severe illness, but they explained that the vaccination is still helpful.

We should not look at the numbers of people who fall severely ill, but the proportion who fall ill among the vaccinated and unvaccinated population.

The Ministry of Health have been providing the data daily for the past many months.

Here is the latest data.

The risk of falling severely ill is 0.86% among the fully vaccinated population and 5.8% among the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated population.

Hence the vaccination does provide 6.7 time (5.8/0.86) more protection. This applies to various age groups, but the protection is somewhat lower for the elderly population.

See the table below.

It is possible that a higher proportion of the unvaccinated population are from people who already have existing medical conditions, so the real extent of protection may be lower than 6.7 times.

Still, the vaccination is justified.

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I vote Disagree. I am Vax and does not belong to any anti vax group

Gipy Deerg  29 Jan 2022  

The vaccine skeptics are well organized. They come in a group to disagree with my view.

Tan KL  29 Jan 2022  

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