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18 Nov 2021  (842 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

New measure - 5 in the same household can dine together
The government now allows 5 in the same household to dine together in a restaurant or a food center.

This requires the establishment to introduce measures to enforce this regulation.

The enforcement measures require a staff to be assigned to handle this task, and to be equipped and trained to use a suitable device. 

The business outlets find this additional cost to be unbearable.

What is the purpose?

How many households want to dine together in the restaurant or food center?

Certainly, the food center is not a suitable place for a household of 5 people to dine together. They will find it to be more conducive to have the food delivered to their home. 

Maybe, they can dine together in a restaurant. 

Is it really necessary to restrict the 5 diners to be from the same household? 

If the 5 diners are already vaccinated, the risk is already quite low.

It seems that the convoluted and costly measures are not really necessary. 

Maybe, the people in charge have lost their common sense?

Tan Kin Lian

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