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10 Aug 2021  (764 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Different treatment according to vaccination status
A large group of people, which include well educated professionals, strongly opposed the different treatment of vacinnated and unvaccinated people for various types of social activities. 

They described the differentiation as "dividing the nation".

I do not agree with this description of "dividing the nation". There are sound reasons to impose stronger restriction on the unvaccinated people as they stand a higher risk of being infected with the virus and becoming seriously ill. 

The risk for the vaccinated people is considerably lower. 

The ministers have a responsibility to balance between the need to open up the economy (and allow people to resume their livelihood) and to mininise the transmission of the virus to the vulnerable people. 

They decided to relax the restriction on the vaccinated people because they have a high degree of protection against the virus. These people still have to observe the social distancing and masking measures.

They felt that it was still necessary to retain the restrictions on the unvaccinated people. 

Why are many people still not vaccinated? They represent about 30% of the adult population.

A small percentage have medical problems and are unsuitable to be vaccinated. Another group prefer to be vaccinated with the vaccine from China, which has not been placed on the national program yet.

A larger group hold the opinion that the mNRA vaccine is new and not proven to be safe. They wish to avoid taking the risk with this vaccine. 

The scientific community and the health authorities have studied the clinical trial results of the vaccines that have been approved for emergency use. 

They weighed the benefit and risk of the vaccine and concluded that the vaccine has overwhelming benefits in dealing with the virus although it may carry a small risk of side effects. 

There is overwhelming evidence of the high risk of remaining unvaccinated. 

I believe that the general public should trust the judgment of the experts and take their recommendation to be vaccinated. It is unwise for them to disregard these experts and to make their own judgment on this matter.

The ministers have decided to allow each individual to decide on whether to accept vaccination. 

They have also decided that it is advisable to continue the restrictions for the unvaccinated people to reduce the risk of being infected and falling seriously ill.

I believe that their decision is fair.

Tan Kin Lian


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