20 Jul 2021  (323 Views)
Premature to panic now

I am lonely. Most of my friends already panicked due to increase of covid cases.

I am still waiting for 100 covid patients in ICU before I panic. It currently remains at 1 patient

The WTF ministers, who are already in panic, have closed down many markets, food centers and F&B outlets.

The food supply chain is partly disrupted. I will miss my healthy fish diet.
Many livelihoods will be damaged.

Mental health, depression, violence and suicide will increase. These collateral damage will not be monitored.

I prefer to live with covid, rather than enter lockdown mode.

Most of the new cases are mild. They are likely to be harmless.
I will change my mind and panic when SG hits100 covid ICU patients.

I am lonely because most of my friends panicked and clamored for more extreme restrictions.

Tan Kin Lian

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