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10 Jul 2021  (883 Views) 

A one party state is a better form of government
I like the political system adopted by China.

I like a country to be run by one political party. Any one interested in politics can join that party and vote for the leadership in the party using a democratic process.

I like the voting to be carried out at different levels. The ordinary members vote for their leaders at the primary level. These leaders vote for their leaders at the higher levels.

The voting goes through different levels until it reach the top level for the country.

At each stage, the people cast their votes for people that they know, that they have worked with. Generally, they are likely to know the character and the values of the people that they voted for.

This system is better than a democratic process where the voters vote for the top leader without knowing much of their background or character. The voting is likely to be swayed by "populism" and "electoral promises" which are not likely to be kept.

If the leadership in a one party system is corrupt or incompetent, it is likely to be replaced by interval voting within the one party. 

It is possible that a strong leader may emerge, that will silence its opponents and perpetuate his rule through oppressive means. 

While this is possible, it is unlikely to happen in a big diverse country like China. A leader that rules for a long time is likely to have the support of the party members, and by extension, the people at large.

No system is perfect. Any system can have its flaws. This applies to the one party system adopted in China. But there are sufficient checks and balances within the party to deal with corruption and incompetency.

Advocates of the liberal democratic system adopted by western countries argue that their system allows them to replace the government by a different political party. 

The governance must be quite rotten for the country to adopt this approach. It is better for the top leadership to be replaced within the party. The disruption to the country will be less harmful.

It is easy to bring down a government by voting the incumbent out at the ballot box. It is not easy to find a replacement government that is better.

A change of government is usually followed by a period of great political uncertainty as the different party obstruct each other out of party politics, rather than to find solutions to the problems faced by the country.

I opt for a political system based on a one party state.
Tan Kin Lian


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