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07 Jul 2021  (1568 Views) 

Why the people of China largely support the Chinese Communist Party

Many people in Singapore have the impression that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is oppressive and is hated by the people. 

I read a report from a survey conducted by Harvard University that China has the highest score on the question of trust in government. 82% of the respondents, who are the ordinary people of China, trusted their government, which is run by the CCP.

The survey results are shown here.

On the same survey, only 42% of the respondents in America trusted their government.

Why do the people of China give a high score in trusting their government?

As the survey was carried out by a reputable American university, I believe that respondents were not voting out of fear.

I want to share a story which may explain the high level of trust.

During the covid-19 crisis in Wuhan, over 2,000 doctors and nurses came from all the provinces of China to Wuhan to help the local doctors and nurses to cope with the pandemic. 

I saw the video coverage of these volunteers flying into Wuhan. I was moved by the high level of patriotism.

Later, I learned from another source that most of the volunteers were members of the CCP. They responded to a call by the CCP to help in Wuhan. They volunteered out of a sense to serve the people, which was what they pledged to do.

The CCP has 90 million members, representing about 7% of the population of China.  It was possible to find sufficient doctors and nurses to work in Wuhan.

To be accepted into the CCP, the member has to pledge loyalty to the party, to the constitution of China and to serve the people of China.  They also have to attend study sessions to learn about political and governance issues.

This dedication from the doctors and nurses, who were members of CCP, must have touched the people at large. This was a clear demonstration about how the CCP served the people.

I am sure that the CCP members must be active in other areas, such as the effort to improve the living standard of the people living in the poor regions of China.

Indeed, I also watched a video showing  one such person. He worked an entire career in the proverty alleviation program, even though he was paid a modest remuneration. He had to spend a large part of his time away from his family who lived in Beijing.

It is possible that these stories are the propaganda of the CCP. My common sense tells me that they are likely to be true. That is probably the reason for the high support and regard of the people to the CCP.

Of course, this still leaves 18% of the people who do not like the CCP for various reasons. 

I like to ask the people in Singapore who hold a negative view about the CCP to learn more about the actual situation in China. Maybe, they will change their view. 

Tan Kin Lian

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