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04 Jul 2021  (504 Views) 

An aging population
My brother worked for a few years in London in the late 1980s. He sent back a video of a visit to a town in the suburbs. 

My most striking impression was - most of the residents in the town were old. You can see it from the their manner of walking and the color of their hair.

At that time, Singapore was a relatively young nation. The average age of the population must be below 40 years old. Most people that you see outside were are young.

Singapore has now become an aging population. 

The median age in Singapore was 27.3 in 1985. It increased to 42.2 in 2020. It has increased by 15 years within a period of 35 years. 

Most countries experienced a similar trend, i.e. an aging population. However, the trend appears to be worse in some countries. Singapore is probably among the worst.

Tan Kin Lian


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