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28 Mar 2021  (450 Views) 
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Strategy to handle change
We need to change our processes and introduce improvements. However, we need a strategy to handle the change so that it does not lead to more problems. 

I suggest how the change can be carried out effectively. This will lead to improvements and avoid the risk of mistakes. 

We have to distinguish between major change and minor change.

For a minor change, it is all right to take the existing process and introduce the improvement to the current form or webpage. The developer needs to check that it works properly before implementing the change. 

It is the major change that need to be handled differently.

An example of a major change is to replace Corp Pass by Sing Pass. This kind of change affects different people in different ways. It is difficult to change the process in a way that will be smooth for users under different circumstances. 

I suggest that this kind of change should be handled using a new approach as follows:

a) Keep the existing process for a few months
b) Introduce a new process, with new sign in using Sing Pass, in a new website. 
c) Allow the user to keep to the existing website or move to the new website.
d) After the new website is found to be running smoothly, get the existing users to move from the old website to the new website. 

I will describe the new approach as the "two paths approach". It is easier to manage and does not create problems for the existing users. Many will find it easy to move to the new website, but those who encounter difficulty can continue with the existing website for the time being.

Tan Kin Lian

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