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20 Mar 2021  (432 Views) 
Land Transport Authority

Confusing message from Transit Link
I received this message from Transit Link after registering my credit card in their SimplyGo app.

You can now use your card to pay for bus and train rides.

If your card comes with EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay functionality, please proceed to the nearest General Ticketing Machine (GTM) located at any train station to switch the payment mode of your card to contactless payment by placing it on the card reader and following the onscreen prompts. Your card can be used to pay for bus and train rides immediately after switching the payment mode.

I have no idea if my card come with the said functionality.

Anyway, when I used the card, it said that I have "low balance". I looks like I have to go to the GTM machine to switch the mode before the card can be used.

If this is the case - why give me such a confusing message?

This kind of idiotic process is quite common in Singapore. It is part of our national culture to be convoluted (as practiced by LHL), confusing and inconsiderate.

Tan Kin Lian

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