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05 Mar 2021  (427 Views) 
Political systems

China's two sessions
China's parliament has two bodies

a) China National People's Congress (NPC)
b) China People Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

The NPC is the body that votes and passes the law. The laws are discussed in the standing committee before they are put to the vote in the main body.

The CPPCC is a consultative body where the participants give their views and feedback on events that occurred during the past year. 

These two bodies meet for a few days in March each year. They are held simultaneously and the two meetings are described as "the two sessions".

The western media had labeled the CPPCC and the NPC as a rubber stamp body. This description is wrong.

The political system in China is more robust and consultative. For example, they invite the leaders of the large business organizations to attend the meeting of the CPPCC and give their input on the economy and business climate.

The political system adopted in China allows the leaders to have a better understanding of the complex issues and decisions that they have to take. These decisions are taken in the best interest of the country and are not affected by politicking among the parties.

It is true that there will be factions within the NPC but they are not as obstructive as political parties in democratic systems.

Here are some details about the "Two Sessions"

Tan Kin Lian

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