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01 Mar 2021  (376 Views) 
Political systems

An active government
A government has to run the country. It has to carry out the following functions:

1.  Pass the laws for the country
2   Administer the law fairly to ensure order and safety
3.  Set the priorities for the country to improve the lives of the people
The government cannot neglect its duty.

In recent years, the US has set a bad example of how a government should be run. There are too much politicking that causes confusion among the people, and lead to chaos and breakdown of order. 

There is no clear line between freedom and the respect of law and order.

China has set a good example of how a country can be run. It is able to provide a good life to the majority of its people and the lift them out of poverty. The people in China has high respect and trust of the government. They are happy that the country is run on socialist or communist principles.

Singapore is midway between America and China. The government does try its best to run the country for the interest of the people. However, they adopted practices and principles that are not effective. 

It is better for Singapore to follow the example of China, rather than America.

Tan Kin Lian

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