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18 Jul 2018
Ministry of Health
Negative View - 118
CareShield Life should not be compulsory

The government decided to make it compulsory for citizens to join CareShield Life.

Many people are unhappy with the following:

a) The premium rate appears to be high, compared to the benefit provided.
b) The criteria for payment of the benefit is too strict.
c) The benefit is not sufficient to meet the expenses of nursing care.
d) Females are unhappy that they have to pay a higher premium compared to males.
e) Singaporeans living abroad will be unhappy that they have to contribute towards this scheme.

I disagree with the approach of forcing citizens to join this insurance scheme.

It is better for the government to provide the benefit from general taxation. This is the approach taken for education and defence. This approach can also be taken to provide a benefit for nursing care.

As a general principle, any compulsory benefit should be provided from tax revenues, rather than individual contribution.

If the government wishes the insured persons to contribute in full or partially to this scheme, they should make it voluntary. The government adopted this approach with ElderShield, which is the existing scheme before CareShielf Life.

Tan KIn Lian

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