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This business simulation game teaches the participants about business strategy by taking the following steps:
a) Study the current market condition. What is the profit margin for the market, and for the top and bottom players? What is the strategy adopted by the good players?
b) Study the economic forecast for next round. Is the market growing or declining? Are the unit costs increasing or decreasing?
c) Decide on your business strategy. Do you want a bigger market share? Do you want to achieve it by spending more on advertising or by reducing your price? If the market is unprofitable, you may want to reduce your market share and spend your capital on other lines of business (but this is not part of the current game).
d) Decide on your input (price, capacity and advertising) for next round. You can study the figures of all the players for the current round to get a feel of how you should pitch your figures

You can shorten your learning curve with this game. You can see the results of your business decision in 10 minutes, instead of waiting for one year. In one hour, you can get the same experience that takes five years from most other people. 

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