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View22 Jan 2020Will Singapore do well under a non PAP govt?Movement for changSuggestionTKL343403
View21 Jan 2020How to get local born citizens to accept new citizPrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL17490
View21 Jan 2020QR Code takes more timePrime Minister OffFeedbackTKL12160
View21 Jan 2020E-payment in mall in ThailandPrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL8420
View21 Jan 2020Keep apps simple and focusedOut of the boxFeedbackTKL8350
View21 Jan 2020Remind public hospitals to do what's best for patiNational UniversitFeedbackMM400
View22 Jan 2020Have more stringent tests to pick out those suitabImmigration and ChFeedbackMM300
View22 Jan 2020Stop treating libraries as playgroundsNational Library BFeedbackMM300
View22 Jan 2020Banks should do more to protect customers from scaMonetary AuthoritySuggestionMM300
View21 Jan 2020Woman treated as private patient in errorMinistry of HealthReplyMM200
View21 Jan 2020SIA regularly reviews its flight pathsSingapore AirlinesReplyMM100
View21 Jan 2020There's no winning when it comes to medical casesNational UniversitFeedbackMM100

Posted Last 30 Days

View05 Jan 2020An alternative to the Fair Employment Framework?Ministry of ManpowSuggestionTKL578300
View05 Jan 2020Helping unemployed people in a recessionPrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL545190
View11 Jan 2020Reason for electricity tariff hikeEnergy Market AuthReplyMM537023
View30 Dec 2019Get the e-payment adopted quickly in SingaporePrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL517145
View12 Jan 2020Why are electricity prices increased when the pricEnergy Market AuthFeedbackTKL517131
View28 Dec 2019Bus contracting systemLand Transport AutFeedbackTKL49373
View13 Jan 2020Low fee for old folks home in MalaysiaPrime Minister OffFeedbackTKL481190
View30 Dec 2019A mess with the opening up of the energy marketEnergy Market AuthSuggestionTKL457170
View03 Jan 2020Cost of different modes of paymentMonetary AuthoritySuggestionTKL44760
View24 Dec 2019Spawn more employment opportunities for our pioneeMinistry of SocialSuggestionTKL435140
View28 Dec 2019CPF contribution for people above 55 yearsMinistry of ManpowSuggestionTKL429231
View28 Dec 2019A better way to help retrenched workers get employMinistry of ManpowSuggestionTKL419180
View25 Dec 2019Two dirty words - tweak and calibrateMovement for changSuggestionTKL413130
View22 Jan 2020Will Singapore do well under a non PAP govt?Movement for changSuggestionTKL343403
View10 Jan 2020Not Government's role to ensure employabilityMinistry of ManpowFeedbackMM309222
View18 Jan 2020To build an inclusive societyPrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL308250
View30 Dec 2019Risk and cost of using currency notesMonetary AuthoritySuggestionTKL30141
View24 Dec 2019Goodbye to DigiDigiFeedbackTKL29662
View28 Dec 2019Is SkillsFuture used effectively?Ministry of ManpowSuggestionTKL28981
View28 Dec 2019Oversight of condo managerOut of the boxSuggestionTKL28650
View04 Jan 2020$90 for a new passportImmigration and ChSuggestionTKL274171
View04 Jan 2020Improve online process for renewal of passportImmigration and ChSuggestionTKL27163
View30 Dec 2019China is issuing digital yuanOut of the boxSuggestionTKL24331
View20 Jan 2020Difference of 34% in drug prices at public hospitaMinistry of HealthFeedbackTKL240160
View31 Dec 2019Wasteful to create retail electricity marketEnergy Market AuthFeedbackTKL231120
View13 Jan 2020PDPA is a badly written lawPrivacy and Data PSuggestionTKL22770
View20 Jan 2020What is the point of segregating the data by citizPrime Minister OffFeedbackTKL225190
View08 Jan 2020Review the policy on home ownershipMovement for changSuggestionTKL20861
View27 Dec 2019Urgent action needed to block spam calls and SMSInfocomm Media DevFeedbackMM19860
View20 Jan 2020Difficult to make an appointment at polyclinicMinistry of HealthFeedbackTKL195121