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View11 Dec 2019HDB lease decay - real or not?Out of the boxFeedbackTKL671330
View11 Dec 2019Do not be jealous of permanent residents who made Out of the boxFeedbackTKL19255
View11 Dec 2019Unable to make a transferDBS BankNegativeTKL8440
View11 Dec 2019Adopt the Ang Mo Kio way to name roads in HDB estaLand Transport AutSuggestionTKL7570
View11 Dec 2019Singpass Mobile failedPrime Minister OffNegativeTKL6410
View12 Dec 2019Pofma case: Brad Bowyer's Facebook post contained Ministry of FinancReplyMM500
View12 Dec 2019Are tech advances always for the better?Smart NationNegativeMM300
View11 Dec 2019Give MPs more money for legislative assistantsParliamentSuggestionMM300
View12 Dec 2019Build LRT system at SGH campusSingapore General SuggestionMM200
View11 Dec 2019Impose tough measures on online scammersPoliceFeedbackMM200
View11 Dec 2019M1 customer's bill correctly reflected chargesM1ReplyMM200
View11 Dec 2019Review policies for subsidising non-standard drugsMinistry of HealthSuggestionMM200
View11 Dec 2019Re-recording of National Anthem by Singapore SymphMinistry of CulturReplyMM100

Posted Last 30 Days

View26 Nov 2019Why do SAF officers fly business class to exerciseSingapore Armed FoFeedbackMM99196
View27 Nov 2019Holding back PSLE result slip due to non payment oMinistry of EducatSuggestionTKL9012511
View30 Nov 2019A disappointing behaviorMovement for changSuggestionTKL830622
View14 Nov 2019Is there a need to ban PMDs on pavements?Land Transport AutSuggestionTKL7693820
View11 Dec 2019HDB lease decay - real or not?Out of the boxFeedbackTKL671330
View19 Nov 2019Why a Singaporean First policy is beneficialOut of the boxSuggestionTKL446180
View03 Dec 2019Eldershield Life is a bad ideaMinistry of HealthSuggestionTKL434230
View08 Dec 2019A more sensible way to name our roadsLand Transport AutSuggestionTKL334141
View15 Nov 2019We need to think of the social goodMovement for changSuggestionTKL305100
View24 Nov 2019Hong Lim Park, 23 November 2019, Speech by Tan KL Out of the boxSuggestionTKL29381
View09 Dec 2019Police call Gilbert Goh for questioningMinistry of Home ASuggestionTKL28781
View04 Dec 2019Tips on speculative investingOut of the boxSuggestionTKL27950
View22 Nov 2019Which system produce a better governmentPolitical systemsSuggestionTKL26131
View27 Nov 2019Change CPF to make it flexibleCentral Provident SuggestionTKL256151
View25 Nov 2019How to solve the unemployment problemOut of the boxSuggestionTKL25241
View30 Nov 2019Look at the interest of all parties, and not persoMovement for changSuggestionTKL24530
View29 Nov 2019We have to unify SingaporeansOut of the boxSuggestionTKL238160
View23 Nov 2019Stop the robbery rate on data plansStarhubNegativeTKL23890
View03 Dec 2019Will the ban on PMD using footpath cause loss of vOut of the boxFeedbackTKL23877
View23 Nov 2019Flaws of a communist systemPolitical systemsSuggestionTKL23773
View25 Nov 2019PMD riders need to deliver food to make a livingLand Transport AutSuggestionTKL21430
View04 Dec 2019How to make private insurance good for the peopleMonetary AuthoritySuggestionTKL19440
View11 Dec 2019Do not be jealous of permanent residents who made Out of the boxFeedbackTKL19255
View04 Dec 2019Expiry of NETS Flash cardMonetary AuthorityFeedbackTKL19190
View29 Nov 2019Why I use AirSIM for data outside SingaporeAirSIMSuggestionTKL18840
View19 Nov 2019Difficult to upload documentOCBC BankNegativeTKL17010
View19 Nov 2019Verification, checks had to be conducted before CPMinistry of LawReplyMM16910
View19 Nov 2019Unable to retrieve my past filingsIRASNegativeTKL15720
View19 Nov 2019A badly designed and confusing websiteACRANegativeTKL15310
View27 Nov 2019How to increase the birth rateOut of the boxSuggestionTKL14010