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Posted/updated Last 3 Days

View27 Mar 2020Massive loss caused by triple whammySingapore AirlinesFeedbackTKL560210
View27 Mar 2020Wear a maskCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL25964
View26 Mar 2020Lock down may not be the right strategyCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL20648
View26 Mar 2020Wasted 1 hour to make a paymentDBS BankFeedbackTKL15740
View26 Mar 2020UK approach towards containmentCovid-19 epidemicFeedbackTKL13720
View26 Mar 2020Three weeks to get a refundGrassroots ClubFeedbackTKL11660
View27 Mar 2020Give useful commentOut of the boxSuggestionTKL8120
View27 Mar 2020Time now to focus on outbreak rather than think ofCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionMM910
View28 Mar 2020Singaporeans must do their part to prevent leaks iCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionMM900
View27 Mar 2020SPH should build retirement villages in SingaporeSingapore Press HoSuggestionMM400
View26 Mar 2020Do more to make sure firms retain employeesMinistry of ManpowFeedbackMM300
View26 Mar 2020Time to strengthen private-public healthcare partnMinistry of HealthSuggestionMM300
View28 Mar 2020Not a good idea for businesses to contribute to a InvestmentSuggestionMM300
View27 Mar 2020Govt's help in housing Malaysian workers much apprMinistry of ManpowComplimentMM300

Posted Last 30 Days

View22 Mar 2020Forecast - the global stock market will recover onOut of the boxSuggestionTKL962186
View27 Mar 2020Massive loss caused by triple whammySingapore AirlinesFeedbackTKL560210
View19 Mar 2020Maybe the covid-19 virus is already widespreadCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL417124
View03 Mar 2020My view on Budget 2020Ministry of FinancSuggestionTKL38851
View12 Mar 2020My views about changes to the CPF schemeCentral Provident SuggestionTKL367131
View17 Mar 2020How will the global stock market recover?Out of the boxSuggestionTKL35278
View23 Mar 2020Trace Together AppMinistry of HealthSuggestionTKL32855
View29 Feb 2020Panic buying of groceriesPrime Minister OffSuggestionTKL29661
View08 Mar 2020No need to close the schools nowCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL27851
View12 Mar 2020What cause the collapse of the stock market?Out of the boxSuggestionTKL26061
View27 Mar 2020Wear a maskCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL25964
View29 Feb 2020No need to be alarmed with this virus in SingaporeCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL24930
View12 Mar 2020Coping with the economic downturnMinistry of FinancSuggestionTKL24540
View21 Mar 2020Government bail out for distressed companiesOut of the boxSuggestionTKL23470
View06 Mar 2020Recording of contact tracing detailsCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL22921
View17 Mar 2020The fear about the corona virus is overblownCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL22061
View18 Mar 2020Provide housing for Malaysian workersMinistry of ManpowSuggestionTKL21431
View20 Mar 2020S'pore can't delay GE forever even amid virus outbPrime Minister OffFeedbackMM21305
View12 Mar 2020How to use automation and artificial intelligence Out of the boxSuggestionTKL20621
View26 Mar 2020Lock down may not be the right strategyCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL20648
View22 Mar 2020Dealing with a large increase in Covid-19 infectioMinistry of HealthSuggestionTKL19631
View21 Mar 2020Do we need to re-think our strategy of dealing witCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL19631
View04 Mar 2020Why unemployment insurance may not workMinistry of FinancSuggestionTKL19411
View06 Mar 2020A better way to manage speedingLand Transport AutFeedbackTKL18640
View27 Feb 2020A broad minded approach to coping with this financCovid-19 epidemicSuggestionTKL18210
View10 Mar 2020Bus app gives wrong bus arrival timeLand Transport AutSuggestionTKL18030
View29 Feb 2020Loan to cover loss of incomeMinistry of FinancSuggestionTKL17810
View21 Mar 2020Death from pneumoniaCovid-19 epidemicFeedbackTKL17720
View04 Mar 2020Give a meaningful contributionOut of the boxSuggestionTKL17550
View14 Mar 2020How to cope with driverless busOut of the boxSuggestionTKL16321