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View21 Oct 2019Forum: To boost efficiency, be more open to skilleMinistry of ManpowSuggestionMM300
View21 Oct 2019Forum: Equatorial nations must overcompensate for Climate ChangeSuggestionMM300
View21 Oct 2019Forum: Sweet drinks may be hard habit to breakMinistry of HealthSuggestionMM200
View22 Oct 2019Central updating system for patients being worked Ministry of HealthReplyMM200
View22 Oct 2019Regulators must ensure insurance companies abide bMinistry of HealthReplyMM100
View22 Oct 2019Rework Cultural Medallion, establish proper art arNational Arts CounSuggestionMM100

Posted Last 30 Days

View13 Oct 2019The ground is sour for PAPMovement for changSuggestionTKL535371
View12 Oct 2019We need to change the way that Singapore is governMovement for changSuggestionTKL531180
View09 Oct 2019Is the govt justified to increase the public transOut of the boxSuggestionTKL438265
View04 Oct 2019No need for PSLE exams to be so toughMovement for changSuggestionTKL410131
View27 Sep 2019Should e-scooters be banned?Land Transport AutSuggestionTKL3581014
View02 Oct 2019Will there be a decision on the RTS rail link withOut of the boxFeedbackTKL28790
View09 Oct 2019Rule of the mobOut of the boxSuggestionTKL286282
View06 Oct 2019Possible to be take leadership in an unfamiliar inOut of the boxSuggestionTKL280182
View04 Oct 2019Be responsive to the wishes of the peopleOut of the boxSuggestionTKL26784
View26 Sep 2019Increase in public transport faresMovement for changSuggestionTKL264103
View14 Oct 2019A more efficient way to handle job interviewMovement for changSuggestionTKL237130
View16 Oct 2019Wrong meter reading led to high surchargePUBFeedbackTKL23250
View17 Oct 2019A big hassle to report a non-deliveryLazadaFeedbackTKL222120
View24 Sep 2019A new way to finance large lossesOut of the boxSuggestionTKL220162
View28 Sep 2019Make it easy for a former employer to provide a reMovement for changSuggestionTKL218100
View17 Oct 2019A bad law that cause a lot of damagePrivacy and Data PFeedbackTKL216100
View01 Oct 2019Beware of deliberate falsehoodMovement for changSuggestionTKL213100
View17 Oct 2019My secret for a successful weight loss programOut of the boxFeedbackTKL21310
View08 Oct 2019An insult to Third World nationsOthersFeedbackMM21242
View12 Oct 2019Top leaders must pay attention to problems and dirMovement for changSuggestionTKL20290
View11 Oct 2019Singaporeans should be more socially mindedMovement for changSuggestionTKL19350
View16 Oct 2019Are we paying too much to outsource the bus operatMovement for changSuggestionTKL19271
View14 Oct 2019EZ Link should improve its customer serviceEZ LinkSuggestionTKL191130
View30 Sep 2019Do not force companies to join the Singapore BusinSingapore BusinessSuggestionTKL18660
View05 Oct 2019Choa Chu Kang library users left in a bindNational Library BNegativeMM18320
View05 Oct 2019More can be done to speed up settlement of divorceMinistry of LawSuggestionMM14130
View23 Sep 2019Why does China want to introduce a digital currencOut of the boxSuggestionTKL14121
View23 Sep 2019Promote multi-racialism with positive measuresMovement for changSuggestionTKL13430
View04 Oct 2019Reduce the waiting time at controlled crossingsMovement for changSuggestionTKL13420
View13 Oct 2019Singaporeans have to think criticallyMovement for changSuggestionTKL13360