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08 Feb 2019
Land Planning
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Provide shared bikes as a public service

I do not need to use a bike. I can walk to my bus stop to go to office and back. But I still hold the view that we should provide shared bikes and make it viable. Other people may need it. I do not hold a view only from my perspective. I also look at what is needed by other people. I hope that people can look beyond their self interest and ......

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28 Sep 2018
Land Planning
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Losing local eco-farm will come as loss to society

Come end-2021, the leases of 62 farms in Lim Chu Kang will run out and the land will be given over to military use (Farmers perplexed by 3rd lease extension; May 28, 2017). I write in support of one of the farms, Green Circle, and how the military should accommodate this environmental cause. In Green Circle's early days almost two decades ago, I had the opportunity to work under its owners, Mr and Mrs Lim, to transform the wild land into an eco-farm. ......

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