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Pick19 Jun 2019Govt must ensure Hyflux remains a S'PUBFeedbackMM20071
Pick13 May 2019Allow Hyflux to fall into foreign coMinistry of Trade & FeedbackTKL122103
Pick07 May 2019Save Hyflux from liquidationPrime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL31050
Pick29 Apr 2019Parliamentary inquiry into HyfluxMovement for changeFeedbackTKL4550
Pick23 Apr 2019How did PUB conduct tests to ensure PUBFeedbackMM3400
Pick20 Apr 2019Show your support and solidarityMovement for changeSuggestionTKL24330
Pick08 Apr 2019Price of water quoted by Hyflux for PUBFeedbackTKL29570
Pick07 Apr 2019CLOB saga and Hyflux sagaSingaporeansFeedbackTKL518291
Pick05 Apr 2019Investor (foreigner) asked about HyfMonetary Auth of SinNegativeTKL412310
Pick05 Apr 2019Timely to encourage retail bond markMonetary Auth of SinSuggestionMM1200
Pick02 Apr 2019No bail out for HyfluxMinistry of EnvironmNegativeTKL342124
Pick02 Apr 2019Redemption of Hyflux perpetual securPrime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL242130
Pick01 Apr 2019Hyflux - a disaster the could have bPrime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL5632218
Pick01 Apr 2019Do not destroy HyfluxPrime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL23852
Pick31 Mar 2019PUB should have rejected Hyflux tendPrime Minister OfficNegativeTKL32290
Pick31 Mar 2019Did Hyflux underquoted the price of Prime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL8731
Pick30 Mar 2019Approval of securities for sale to rMonetary Auth of SinSuggestionTKL190191
Pick29 Mar 2019Investors should give Hyflux managemOthersSuggestionMM5001
Pick29 Mar 2019EMA probably caused the huge losses Prime Minister OfficSuggestionTKL744536
Pick27 Mar 2019Overcapacity in power generationPrime Minister OfficSuggestionTKL636232
Pick24 Mar 2019Hyflux episode reflect the selfish cMovement for changeNegativeTKL15898922
Pick24 Mar 2019PUB should take over the Tuaspring iPrime Minister OfficSuggestionTKL7884515
Pick23 Mar 2019Were there disclosure lapses in issuMonetary Auth of SinSuggestionTKL170111
Pick21 Mar 2019Tuaspring was doomed from the startPrime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL235171
Pick20 Mar 2019The Tuaspring tenderPUBFeedbackTKL532351
Pick18 Mar 2019Are the investors greedy?Monetary Auth of SinFeedbackTKL514269
Pick13 Mar 2019Hyflux, PUB need to be more open to PUBFeedbackMM172120
Pick09 Mar 2019A very painful loss - Hyflux securitPrime Minister OfficFeedbackTKL322201
Pick09 Mar 2019A poison pill for HyfluxPrime Minister OfficNegativeTKL19081362
Pick06 Mar 2019Slow response from PUB about TuaspriMinistry of Trade & FeedbackTKL688452