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24 Jan 2019  (1259 Views) 
Ministry of Defense

Compensate $500,000 to family of NS men who die on duty
Aloysius Pang is the latest casualty of military training. During the past 20 years, there were 19 deaths during military training, an average of 1 death a year.

Each accident cause a lot of media highlight and concern. The authority will promise stronger enforcement of safety regulations. The public becomes more skeptical over the years. 

What can we do about this issue?

I suggest the following measures:

a) Internally, the SAF will have to investigate each accident and investigate if there were lapses in carrying out the safety measures

b) The committee of inquiry should include a civilian, and preferably a person suggested by the family of the victim. This will ensure that the SAF does not hide its lapses. 

c) The govt should provide a compensation of $500,000 to the family of each person who dies on duty. The amount paid would have been only $500,000 a year (on average). It could be higher during a year with many accidents. The sum is small compared to a defense budget of $14,000 million.

Singapore citizens have to bear a big sacrifice in serving national service. Do not allow their family to carry the heavy financial burden of a loss of life.

Tan Kin Lian


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