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20 Jan 2019  (622 Views) 
Housing Development Board

Size of flats impact family size
In the early years, the size of HDB flats were bigger. In the early years, 5 room flat had a built in area of 123 sm. Since 1997, the size reduced by 11% to 110 sm.  Similarly, a 4 room HDB flat became slightly smaller. 
See this page for the facts.

The price of HDB flats had also increased sharply over the years. Many ordinary workers find the price for a bigger flat to be too high and had to accept a smaller flat.

What is the consequence of this reduction in size of flats?

It must have an impact on family size. If a family occupies a small flat, they are reluctant to have more children. The flat cannot accommodate two or three children, unless they incur the heavy expense of upgrading to a bigger flat. 

No wonder, many families choose to have one child, or no child at all, or remain unmarried.

The reason for reducing the flat size is due to land constrain. I do not accept it. There are enough land to accommodate our population and give them a larger living area.

The main reason is the desire to create the maximum number of flats within the available land. There can be no end to this maximization. The flats just become smaller and smaller. 

If the government had recognized the problem earlier, they should have decided that they have to make a bigger flat affordable, rather than provide a smaller flat. 

There is another advantage in having bigger flats. If the family is small, they can rent out a room. They can use the extra room for the children when they grow up. There will be less need to change flats due to upgrading. 

If we wish to encourage families to have more children, it is time to offer bigger HDB flats at affordable prices. 


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