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16 Jan 2019
Ministry of Comm and Information
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Concern about cyber security

Reading the newspapers, there seem to be a lot of concern about cyber security. This matter is also actively discussed in Parliament. 

I wish to give my views on this issue.

a) I agree that we should strengthen control of online computer systems to prevent hacking and stealing of the data.

b) I do not agree with the paranoia over the data that has been stolen. I was one of the 1.5 million patients whose records were stolen. The data that was stolen is not critical. It indicates that I was a patient and gives my name, date of birth and NRIC. These data are available from other sources.

c) Similarly, I was not concerned over that my data was among the 150 million stolen in the breach of the database of an international hotel chain.

d) I do not agree with measures taken to make it more difficult to access online systems. Many websites, especially of govt agencies, make it quite troublesome to access their websites. Many users are discouraged.

e) We need to balance between convenience and control. Websites with critical data need a high level of access control. Those with non-critical data does not. 

f)  We should also consider the concept of allowing the user to choose the level of security. Some users prefer convenience and do not mind their data being viewed. Others are concerned. The user can choose whether or not to use 2FA for authentication.

Tan Kin Lian


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