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13 Mar 2024  (3800 Views) 
Tan Kin Lian - Perspectives

Verify identity on online platforms
Some scammers use online platforms to sell fake concert tickets and other goods.

What steps can the online platform take to avoid these scams.

They are now considering identify verification. The identify of the vendor has to be verified before they are allowed to sell products on the platforms.

How can the identity be verified?

The online platforms used the following methods:

a) Verify the email address
b) Verify the phone

Anyone can create an email address easily. This method of verification is not useful.

Verification of the phone is a better method. Under the law, the application for a phone number is required to provide the identity, such as a copy of the identity card. However, this verification method is not reliable. It is easy for the scammer to apply for a phone number with a fake identity.

Furthermore, a person can apply for many phone numbers.

The best method is to verify with the NRIC number, using SingPass app. I suggest that the authority should allow each person to verify a phone number with the SingPass app. The person should use this number (i.e. verified by SingPass) as the verified identity. Each person should only have one verified phone number.

I hope that the authorities take this step to prevent scammers from using a fake identity to scam other people (locals and foreigners) on online platforms.

Tan Kin Lian

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