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26 May 2023  (789 Views) 

Ministers rent black and white bungalows from the government
Many people are indignant that two ministers used, or rather abused, their ministerial positions to rent two black and white bungalows from the government.

They criticized the ministers in social media.

I hold a different opinion. I think that it is all right for the ministers to rent a bungalow at the market rental (based on the guide rental) and even to have preference in its allocation (i.e. no need for competitive bidding).

It is better for our ministers to be living in suitable accommodation that befit their status and office. These bungalows would be quite suitable.

The rental that they have to pay is based on the market rental. and is not subsidized. It may not have the mark up that comes with competitive bidding, but I think that competitive bidding is not necessary and not appropriate.

Like many Singaporeans, I find that the salaries paid to ministers are excessive, but that is a separate issue.

Here, we are talking about offering suitable accommodation to ministers at a market rental, and giving them the preference to pick a bungalow of their choice.

I know that many people will not agree with my view, but I still want to express what I think is right and proper. It is just an insignificant view.

Tan Kin Lian

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