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22 Jan 2023  (693 Views) 

Bad customer service from Starhub
1. My internet connection failed due to the storm.

2. I called Starhub hotline. It was a nightmare for me. I spent 9 mins on the first call, and it was cut off. I called again and there was no answer for 15 mins. I cut off the call.

3. It took me over 3 mins to clear through the nonsensical questions that do not apply to me before reaching the technical desk. After that, the call was not answered due to "large volume of calls".

4. Along the way, I was asked to state if I use a Linksys router. I checked the devices and found that I had a D-Link device and a Nucleus Connect device. I do not know if any of them are provided by Linksys.

5. I find it terrible that Starhub should ask this kind of question. I subscribe to the service of Starhub and it should not concern me about who they use to provide the router.

6. Starhub operates many business, such as mobile phone, internet, Netflix, Samsung phone, etc. They could have given a separate number for each business. Instead, they put all the business calls under one number and force the customer to waste over 3 minutes to clear through the screening.

7. Starhub customer service has been terrible for over a decade.

8. On many occasions, I wanted to move away from Starhub, but I was tied to a 2 year contract.

9. My experience with the customer service provided by many large businesses in Singapore has been poor. I find that bad customer service is probably a part of "Singapore culture".

Tan Kin Lian

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We can never be like Japanese in term of professionalism.

tony  08 Feb 2023  

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