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01 Jan 2023  (630 Views) 

Donald Trump's tax returns
The US House of Representative obtained a court order for Donald Trump to turn over his personal tax returns. 

After received the tax returns, the House released the tax returns to the media. Journalists discussed the tax returns extensively in reports published in the media. 

I am troubled by the following points:

a) Donald Trump's tax returns are supposed to be private and confidential. 

b) The House may have some legitimate reason to get the tax returns (e.g. to investigate if Donald Trump had abused his power as President while he was in office), but that power should not extend to release the confidential information to the media and the public.

c) Donald Trump should be tried by the court and not by journalist in the media.

d) If the House can act in this manner to Donald Trump, it will set a precedent for any future office bearer to be attacked in a similar manner. 

e) This tool can be used by a political party to attack office bearers from the opposing party for political motivation. 

I find this practice to be immoral and vindictive. The situation is getting worse in America as the time goes by.

I do not like Donald Trump personally, but I think he should be fairly treated.

Tan Kin Lian

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