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31 Dec 2022  (452 Views) 

My positive view of the China government
Many people observed that I have a positive view about the government of China.

This is largely true.

But, I do not think that the government in China is perfect. There are negative aspects as well, but this probably applies to all governments.

I generally do not like to play up the negative aspect of any situation, unless it is systemic and cannot be changed.

I believe that the China government is working hard to improve the living standard and well being of the ordinary people, and they are doing it in an honest way.

They may have to adopt some harsh measures at times, but this is necessary to combat some forces that are intent on creating social disorder or to disrupt their progress.

On some occasions, they may have adopted the harsh measures wrongly. It may occur at the lower levels, due to the lack of experience of the officers. Mistakes are made. But they can be corrected.

I have less faith in other systems of governments which seek to enrich the elites and the super rich at the expense of the general population. They may claim to be "democratic" but I find them to be hypocritical and dishonest.

Tan Kin Lian

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