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08 Oct 2022  (1122 Views) 

Know your neighbors
Several decades ago, most people know their neighbors. They know their names, occupations and get together to celebrate birthdays, family events and festivals. 

Today, most people do not know their neighbors, even those that they lived in the neighborhood for years. They may know the neighbors by face, but probably not their names or occupations. 

They also shop in the stores and eat in the restaurants in the neighborhood. They have many opportunities to meet their neighbors in these places. 

This change of social habit may be the result of the modern lifestyle and communication.

With cars, many people can shop and eat at places further away. With the mobile phone and social media, they can maintain social contacts and relations with a wider circle of friends outside of their immediate neighbors. 

For example, they may meet regularly with friends who share an interest in a sport or hobby, e.g. golf, walking. They may meet the former colleagues regularly for meals. 

In this modern setting, iut is still useful for a resident to know their immediate neighbors, especially if they have children of around the same age, or share an interest in similar sports. 

It is more convenient to meet a neighbor for coffee, or a chat, or a meal once a month, than to make a similar arrangement with people who live far away. 

If it is an advantage to know a few neighbors well, why do the majority of people hardly know their neighbors? 

The main reason is the lack of time. Most families have both spouses who work on a job far from their home. They hardly have time to meet and talk to their neighbors. The years can pass by very quickly. 

I have an idea to make it easy and possible for people who want to know their neighbors to make contacts with each other. They can register in a website and view the particulars, e.g. name, telephone number, occupation, of other people who live nearby. 

This website allows any person to post an activity and their neighbors to join, if they are free. For example, it can be a breakfast, a walk or just to meet for a chat. 

Many people with free time may want to interact regularly with their neighbors. Those who are busy may just register to know their neighbors, but are not required to participate in the activities.

In the case of an emergency, it is useful to know a few neighbors who may be able to come and lend a hand.

I wonder if many people will be interested to join this app?

Tan Kin Lian


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