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27 Sep 2022  (9341 Views) 

A lazy and bad attitude
I wanted to transfer a small sum of money to a bank in Ethiopia. I had to pay someone for a person who did some online work for me. 

The DBS online website asked me to get the particulars of the payee, i.e. country, bank, account code, SWIFT code. This is normally expected and required. 

I was also asked to find out the clearing code of the bank. DBS said - ask the recipient bank for this information. 

I find this requirement to be ridiculous. 

Surely, DBS bank can find out this information better than the ordinary people, who sends or receives the money. 

I object to this bad attitude of DBS bank. They are too lazy to find out the clearing bank code (which is really their responsibility) and they push it to the ordinary customers who have no clue on how to get the information. 

By pushing this work to the customer, they make the customer spend a lot of time that are many times more than what the DBS staff (who do it every day) need to spend.

To make matters worse, they want me to pay a fee of $25 to make a transfer of $150. 

I find this bad attitude to be quite prevalent in many businesses in Singapore, and is not confined to DBS Bank. It seems to be a bad culture in Singapore. 

Tan Kin Lian

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This is not called self-entitlement. It is called going the extra mile to help an old man. One day everyone will get old.

HORRER  29 Sep 2022  

a classic example of self entitlement

  28 Sep 2022  

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