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25 Jun 2022  (598 Views)
Constitutional right to abortion in America is now overturned

Since 1973, America has a national system where any person can have an abortion.  This was based on a Supreme Court ruling in the landmark case Roe v Wade. This ruling has now been over ruled by the current Supreme Court. Read this article.

With this new ruling, many states have imposed laws to ban abortion. 

This will lead to a chaotic situation in America. The population is divided by those between two groups - one support abortion and the other oppose abortion. Each group has its own strong arguments. 

The new ruling will not solve the problem. Some states will support abortion and other states will oppose it. 

The people who wish to have an abortion will move to live and work in a state that allows it. It can be disruptive to the economy and the livelihoods.

Many parents from poor families prefer to have abortion as they cannot afford to raise the baby. A child from a poor background faces a disadvantage for a lifetime and may become a problem for society.

Those who oppose abortion argue that it is tantamount to killing of the unborn child. They have strong religious feelings against it. 

Some argue that the population is facing a decline and that a ban against abortion will produce more people for the next generation.

What is a better approach?

I suggest that abortion should still be allowed, but it should be made easy for the parents to give their baby away for adoption by families who can raise the child and have the wish to do so.

Most parents would prefer to give their babies away for adoption, rather than to abort the unborn baby.

Do you agree?

Tan Kin Lian

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