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25 Jun 2022  (462 Views) 

Use a stored value card (NFC enabled) for small payments
Many food courts that operate in a mall in Thailand require the customer to take a stored value card from a customer service counter, give money to the cashier to put into the card. The customer use the card to buy food from the stalls.

After the meal, the customer can take back return the card to the counter and take back the remaining amount in cash.

I think that it is good to have a stored value card that can be used in all the food outlets in Singapore.

Kopitiam has a similar system but it can be used only in their outlets.

It is better for all outlets to use a common system.

We now have a system that is based on QR code and linked to Pay Now. It is not well used. Many customers find it difficult to use a mobile phone to pay by QR.

Many children and seniors do not use a mobile phone. They will find QR payment to be inconvenient.

I suggest that we use a stored value card (that is powered by NFC) to the merchant's device. This will be more convenient for merchants and customers.

Tan Kin Lian

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