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11 Mar 2022  (369 Views) 
Ministry of Manpower

Time to review sick leave benefit in employment act

There is controversy about the company policy on giving sick leave with a medical certificate.

Under the current employment act, the employer has to give 12 days of sick leave with pay, but with a medical certificate.

This is a practice that existed for several decades.

It is subject to abuse. Some workers know where they can find a doctor that gives a medical certificate easily. They use their full entitlement of 12 days.

The government now wants employers to allow sick leave without medical certificate, due to the covid pandemic. Some employers are reluctant.

We should address the root of this problem. The requirement to give sick leave, as set out in the employment act, is outdated.

In America, it has been a long standing practice for the employer to allow 3 or 5 days of sick leave, without the need for a certificate. If the worker is not well, he stays at home and receives full pay.

This is a better arrangement. The worker should be paid well, but he should be responsible for his own health. He should not be sick at the expense of the employer.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree to change the practice of sick leave?

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