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17 Feb 2022  (530 Views) 
Out of the box

Dealing with a potential scam
I receive an email telling me that I am the potential beneficiary of a large deposit from a deceased person in Hong Kong who has the same family name as me. The sender claims to be a senior manager of an international bank.

I replied to the email asking the sender to show proof of her identity and relationship with the bank.

She replied with a photo of an ID card and her international passport. (Hehehe. These documents could be faked with photoshop).

She asked me to send my particulars to be entered into the legal document to receive 40% of the proceeds (of several million dollars).

I replied to her that I am verifying her identity with the bank. I did not get any reply, and do not expect her to contact me any more.

By the way, she use a Gmail account, and not the email account of the international bank.

Anyway, I would expect that at one stage, she will ask me to send her money to pay for the fee to executive the legal agreement, etc. 

Let us see what happens next. (Hehehe).

Tan Kin Lian

Particulars requested:

1. Your Complete Names:
2. Your Address:
3. Present Occupation and Position:
4. Marital Status:
5. Age:
6. Religion:
7. Phone Number:

Firstly I will contact an attorney who will prepare the necessary Affidavits which shall put you in place as beneficiary, he will obtain the necessary clearances from the respective authorities in Hong Kong which will cover all the aspects involved in this transaction. Secondly, you are required to send a copy of your Driver's License, Work ID or your International Passport. It is this copy of your Driver's License or International Passport or Work ID and the information that will be used by the Attorney to have all the necessary documentations perfected and to build a trustworthy relationship between the both of us.

The attorney shall be handling all matters of probate on your behalf, he will have all the documents perfected, and with these documents you shall write to my bank to apply for the immediate release and transfer of your funds to your designated choice of bank. I have been a banker for many years and I know perfectly how the system works.

When I receive your documents/details I shall begin the necessary paperwork.

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