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25 Nov 2021  (406 Views) 
Out of the box

Script for a movie
A friend shared in WhatsApp an article about how China hunted and disabled the US nuclear submarine Connecticut in the South China Sea.

The article (which did not indicate the source) was purported to be from a military report that China authorized for release to the public. It described in detail the use of advanced technology in this operation.

The article brought cheer to people who are sympathetic to China. I am one of them. 

I shared the article in Facebook. I added a comment - this could be the script for a movie. 

Later, I found this YouTube video that described the incident. The video could be created from the article that I shared. Perhaps, the video and article came from the same source.

In this respect, this video was continuing what had been done for decades in the American movie industry.

The movie industry produced many movies that painted a picture of the bravery of Americans in the fight  for freedom and justice all over the world. It brainwashed many generations of Americans and people around the world that admired America.

I was one of them, but not anymore today.

Many of the American movies were more incredible in portraying the final outcome. But the fans enjoyed the fantasy.

The above Youtube video probably followed the tradition of the American movie industry in the use of fantasy. 

There is a chance that the video is a correct documentary of what had actually happened. My gut feeling is that it is more likely to be a fantasy, i.e. the script for a movie.

it does not matter. 

Life is partly reality and mostly fantasy. People like to believe what fits their fantasy, rather than the truth.

Enjoy the video.

Tan Kin Lian


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