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26 Oct 2021  (294 Views) 

Freedom and the abuse of freedom

Many people consider "freedom" to be an important right for the people in a country.

I agree with this view, but to a certain extent only.

I believe that people should not be free to do harmful actions, such as:

a) Distributing drugs and harmful poisons
b) Causing harm and violence on other people and property
c) Incite hatred and violence
d) Harassing other people through bullying and personal insults
e) Spreading false information that can cause harm.

The authority has to pass laws, and people have to abide by the law.

Different countries have different ways to deal with the problem of abuse of freedom. They have to pass laws to deal with this problem.

Many people believe that that America promote "freedom" and that China restricts "freedom".

I do not consider America to be a good example to follow in addressing this problem. I think that the approach taken by Singapore is bad also.

I find the approach taken by China to be quite good. It is a balance between the need to give freedom and the need to control the abuse. My view is based on my objective observation. It is not based on blind ideology.

Some people, maybe many people, will disagree with me, but they are entitled to their views.

Tan Kin Lian


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