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02 Oct 2021  (550 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Why did TKL take his booster shot early?
Mr. Tan,
Why did you take the booster shot early, on the first day that it was available? Were you afraid of covid?

I do not have any medical issue, so my risk of being sick from covid is low. There was no urgency for me to get the booster jab.

So, here is the reason why I took the booster jab early.

I saw many people arguing about its efficacy, and also that the Sinovac vaccine is better as a booster.

I believed that the booster shot was useful, even though it was not fully tested and the efficacy rate did not pass the high threshold that was set by some people. 

To be, it was better than nothing.

I had taken two Pfizer vaccine and did not face any problem. I did not think that the third jab would be an issue. 

I did not agree with the fear about the possible side effects. While it did affect some people, the incidence rate was low. 

I decided to take the booster shot early, as I expected a smaller crowd. The waiting time for the jab would be shorter.

I also wanted to pass the message that the booster shot (Pfizer) was not risky and there is no need to consider whether it was better to wait for Sinovac to be available.

Tan Kin Lian

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