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02 Oct 2021  (399 Views) 

China's change of attitude towards America
When President Trump started the trade war in July 2018, China tried to seek a solution to address the US concern. 

China sent the Vice Premier Lie He to the trade negotiations. They accommodated most of America's demands, as far as they could.

Several demands were unreasonable. They include the sanctions on Huawei and several other entities and the ban on the export of technology.

It reached a point when China decided that they could not continue the negotiations. 

China looked forward to a change in attitude with a new administration in America, under President Biden.

America continued the hard line. It went beyond trade to other areas, including human rights allegations and confrontation in the South China Sea. 

China hardened its attitude towards America. It refused to tolerate the rhetoric from America.

China mounted a campaign against the bullying and other abuses by America towards other countries. 

America tried to reach out to China on climate change, Afghanistan and other areas of common interest. 

China refused to talk to America until the latter changes its attitude towards China.

China responded coldly towards the visit by the US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and the calls from John Kerry, special US envory on climate change, and President Joe Biden to arrange a summit with the China president.

America has now taken the steps to ease the tension. It has stopped talking about Xinjiang, human rights and Hong Kong for a while. It has also withdrawn the charge against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou.

On China's side, the China ambassador to America, is also active in talking about cooperation between the two countries.

Maybe, America and China will start to rebuild their relations.

Tan Kin Lian

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