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28 Sep 2021  (692 Views) 

Increase the birth rate
I read a report that the China government wants to stop abortion for non-medical reasons. 

If the family is unable to afford the additional child, it will not be good for the child to be raised under difficult financial circumstances. 

What is an alternative?

I suggest the following:

a) The child should be released for adoption by another family. This is to be handled by the government.

b) The natural mother should receive an adequate compensation for the cost of bearing the child, but it should not represent a reward.

c) The child will receive the care of the foster parents, in the same manner as their own natural children.

This arrangement will benefit the child, the natural parents and the foster parents. 

It will also help to improve the birth rate and stop the decline of the population.

I hope that China, having a practical government, will adopt this approach.

Maybe Singapore should also follow this approach, as it faces a declining population as well.

Tan Kin Lian

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