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27 Sep 2021  (436 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Scammers are taking a ride

I received a call on my mobile phone on 26 September. The call was purported to come from the Ministry of Health. It was a pre-recorded message. It asked me to go for some testing. It was a 8 digit number.

I ignored the message, thinking that it was probably a scam.

Later I checked to see if I received a SMS. There was none.

I returned the call the following day. A male voice answered. He did not call me. Apparently, the spammer used his mobile number to send out the pre-recorded call.

I have the following issues:

a) We are wasting a lot of time with the safe entry and trace together and sending out thousands of health alerts and health warnings each day.

b) The scammers are adding to the chaos and confusion. (Why are the authority not acting on the scammers?)

c) Someone suggested that MOH should use a 4 digit number to send out their SMS and calls. They can tell the public to expect an official call to come from a 4 digit number.

We should review our approach on safe entry recording and contact tracing. It is likely to be unproductive and even counter productive.

Tan Kin Lian

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