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26 Sep 2021  (611 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Sharp fall in covid deaths from Indonesia - due to ivermectine?

This is strange. It must be driven by a divine power.
This article appeared in my notification this morning.

It stated the President Jokowi distributed 7 days of medical supplies (e.g. vitamin and ivermectin) to people who are infected with covid and had to stay at home.

Why divine power?

I just realized that the article was dated July. That was three months ago.

Hehehe. I guess that a divine power pushed it for my attention. It can't be the work of Facebook because they don't like ivermectin.

Why is it significant? Do you recall that the death rate for Indonesia had come down significantly?

The deaths during the past 7 days per million of population was:

Malaysia - 67
Indonesia - 4 (fell by over 90% from a few months ago)
Singapore - 2

What caused the sharp fall?

a) Sinovac vaccine?
b) Jokowi's health package (e.g. ivermectine)?
c) Under-reporting?

I think that the health package is probably a major cause. I think that the Sinovac vaccine does help to some extent, but it could not have caused such a big difference (judging from the experience of other countries). 

Although there could be some under reporting, it would probably be consistent during the past few months.

Some states in India, e.g. Uttar Pradesh and Goa, have authorised the use of ivermectine. They have also reported excellent outcomes. 

I hope that our Ministry of Health will authorise the clinical trial for ivermectine soon.

Tan Kin Lian

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