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25 Sep 2021  (547 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Confusion over Home Recovery Program
There was uproar over the implementation of the Home Recovery Program. The people affected were confused. They call the hotline. It was jammed. 

The media amplified the uproar. 

Everyone that I know said that the ministerial task force (MTF) blotched the implementation. Poor minister Ong YK was blamed for the poor execution.

I want to give my perspective. 

I blame the affected people who do not think and do not use their common sense.

They were given instruction to isolate at home. They were probably given a leaflet to explain what they have to do. And quite likely the self test kits. 

What is so difficult about following the instructions?

Oh, the instructions were not clear?

Hello, you only need to stay at home and isolate from the rest of the family for a certain number of days. And to carry out the self test at the specified intervals.

I find that many people expect instructions to be given on every detail. Where is the common sense?

I understand that they are not able to get through to the hotline, which is jammed. The excuse given by MOH was the high volume of calls. I do not accept this excuse, because the hotline has been a problem that has been around for several decades. 

Anyway, the information can be obtained from a FAQ search in MOH website. Here is the FAQ.

Personally, I think the FAQ is poorly written, but it will do for the time being. If it is not clear, and you cannot get through the hotline, you can talk to a friend (who might be able to understand it better than you do).

Tan Kin Lian


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