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08 Sep 2021  (431 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

No need to panic if covid deaths is less than 30 a month
August 2021 is a bad month with 20 covid deaths.
This is less than 1 a day.
Every day, about 80 people die in Singapore for various reasons, e.g. cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, accident or just old age.
The 1 death from covid is likely to come from among the 80 deaths anyway. So, it is not an additional death, unlike a road accident.
Some of the covid deaths will be additional deaths, e.g. young healthy people, but it will be very small.
So, if we get 30 covid deaths a month, there is no need to panic. Quite likely, the number will be smaller.
We should do all that is possible to avoid the covid deaths, but there are things beyond our control.
It is important to deal with the pandemic in a sensible way. Most of the 200 over covid cases reported each day are mild.
We should avoid excessive measures, such as circuit breaker and heightened alert, that cause serious damage to the economy, to businesses, to livelihoods.
Many people need to make a living to earn money to feed their family and pay their mortgage and loans.
Don't break their rice bowls and force them into depression and suicide

Tan Kin Lian

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