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03 Sep 2021  (453 Views) 
Government Technology Agency

Allow SingPass to be used by commercial organizations
I hope that GovTech will take the lead on this issue.

Many government agencies and commercial organizations have website that require the public to open an account. They have to visit the website to view their monthly statements. 

Examples are the utility companies, telephone companies and banks. 

I have difficulty in accessing the online accounts as they require me to create a password and have different requirements on the format of these passwords.

As I do not access the accounts regularly, I often forget the password.

To make matters worse, some of these organizations ask their customers to change the password regularly. I suspect that they are following some instructions from their regulator.

GovTech now allows to use their SingPass to access the online accounts of government agencies. 

I suggest that Singpass be extended to the commercial organizations. This will be convenient for the public.

Most public will opt to use SingPass to access these online statements, rather than create their own password, which they are likely to forget. This will improve national productivity for the businesses and the public.

Tan Kin Lian


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