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23 Aug 2021  (456 Views) 

The Taliban will adopt a new approach to govern Afghanistan
In recent months, several delegation from the Taliban visited Russia, China and other nearby countries. 

They wanted to get the support of these countries towards the rebuilding of Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of the NATO forces. They expected to win the civil war against the Afghan government. 

Russia and China told the Taliban that they have to commit to certain policies in return for their support. These include:

1. Form an inclusive government
2. Respect the rights of woman
3. Stop terrorists from using Afghanistan as a base

The Taliban agreed to these policies.

Soon after they take control of Afghanistan, they announced their commitment to these policies. 

It is clear to me that the Taliban wanted to get international recognition and to get these countries support for the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

Some people do not trust the Taliban and said that they will revert to their old hard-line oppressive policies. 

I  do not think so. If the Taliban wanted to return to the old ways, they would not make these commitments to gain international support. 

Like most other people, I think that the situation is still fluid and events may move towards unexpected directions. 

Meanwhile, I remain positive and optimistic.

Tan Kin Lian


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