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11 Aug 2021  (346 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Use of ivermectin in treating covid patients

I posted a link to a video on ivermectin.

Facebook posted a caution - Some unapproved medication may cause harm.

As advised by Facebook, I check with the World Health Organization website and found the following:

WHO said that the clincal trial results on the use of ivermectin is inconclusive, due to the small sample. It did not mention any harm from its use.

I have seen the results of some clinical trials that showed that ivermectin is safe and reduces the risk of getting infected. The studies also show that ivermectin is also effective in treating infected patients.

It is also inexpensive.

As we now have a vaccine for covid-19, it is better to get vaccinated, as it is more convenient and probably more effective.

However, it may be useful for our hospital to carry out a large scale trial on the use of ivermectin for treating patients with mild forms of the covid disease.

It can be orally taken and administered in a community facility.

I understand that more severe illnesses have to be treated with administered in a hospital and involve the use of more expensive drugs, such as remdesivir.

Some proponents of ivermectin alleged that the health authorities are not prepared to consider the use of ivermectin due to the strong lobby of the pharmaceutical industry which has a vested interest in selling the expensive drugs and vaccines.

Tan Kin Lian


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