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24 Jul 2021  (423 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Listen to the experts
I listen to the experts on areas within their expertise. 

They expert say that the covid virus can stay alive on surfaces for a certain period and can transmit through surfaces. I accept their view on this matter.

The scientific community has carried out studies on this matter and came to their conclusion.

However, if the expert say that the affected premises must be closed for a few days for deep cleaning, I  have my doubts. 

I have not seen any study on how much transmission had occurred through surfaces and how much the transmission had been reduced through deep cleaning. 

I do not think that this exercise was carried out. 

We also need to balance this decision with the heavy cost, in terms of loss of business, caused by the deep cleaning exercise. Does the benefit outweigh the cost?

I will not blindly accept the necessity of carrying out deep cleaning.

I now come to another issue of wearing of mask.

The experts say that wearing of mask helps to reduce transmission of the virus. I accept that view. 

However, I do not accept that it is compulsory to wear mask when a person is outdoor. 

Why is there a need to wear a mask when there are no other people around that may transmit the virus?

Surely a vaccinated person already has a high degree of immunity against the virus, and can afford to take the risk of low level transmission, which is likely to be mild?

We should also consider the harm of wearing a mask, which impedes breathing when a person is carrying out strenuous activity?

I will listen to the experts who make their recommendation based on their expertise and application of common sense. 

However, if the experts go outside of their expertise, I would not follow the view blindly. Anyway, different experts will have different views anyway.

Tan Kin Lian

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