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23 Jul 2021  (691 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Reasons against vaccination
The people who refuse to be vaccinated have the following reasons:

1) Vaccination does not provide full protection against infection. Many vaccinated people are still infected.

2) Vaccination has serious side effects and may be responsible for serious illness and deaths.

3) They may pre-existing conditions that make vaccination harmful.

4) They should not be forced to be vaccinated against their personal decision.

5) They are worried about the long term side effect over the mNRA vaccine. They should be given the choice of using the traditional vaccines (developed from inactivated virus) from China.

I wish to address their concerns as follows:

1) Vaccination does not provide full protection against infection. However, there is overwhelming evidence that it does protect the vaccinated person from serious illness. While they may still be infected, the virus is mild and does not spread widely,

2) There are reports of side effects that cause harm to the vaccinated people. However, the incidence is low, relative to the number of people that have been vaccinated. This low incidence should not be a reason against vaccination, except for the few cases where the incidence is high for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions.

3) People with these pre-existing medical conditions should avoid vaccination, unless they are willing to take the chance on their own volition. 

4) I agree that the people who choose not to be vaccination for whatever reason should be allowed to exercise that choice. However, they may have to face the consequence of being unvaccinated. If they get seriously ill from covid, they will have to pay for the cost of hospital treatment after an initial period of free treatment provided to them.

5) I believe that this risk of the long term effect of mNRA is low and has been exaggerated. However I agree that the individual should be given the choice of using the traditional vaccines, if they prefer it. Although the evidence shows the traditional vaccine to have a lower efficacy rate, it is still acceptable.

I encourage people to be vaccinated, unless they have pre-existing conditions that make vaccination unsuitable for them. 

Tan Kin Lian

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